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Papacy Supremacy was 538 AD to 1798 AD

Papacy Supremacy was 538 AD to 1798 AD (1260 days or years of persec
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A little correction on, to be more specific about the period of Papacy Supremacy, Christians Persecution. .. carried out by POPE and the Jesuit Order (Ignatius Loyala and his followers)- is From AD 538 to AD 1798.

The book of Daniel and Revelation is very very important, without those prophecies.. .. and without learning about Church History or History of Christianity. .. it is impossible to understand who is Anti-Christ, Who is the Beast, Who is the Little Horn, Who Has Numer 666.

It is not enought with just the number, we have to compare, and examine all the Characteristics of the Beast, the Little horn, Anti-Christ etc. with Daniel, Revelation, plus Church History....

Roman Church..... raising to power in 506.... persecution from 538 to 1798 AD
457 B.C. 2300 days (Daniel 8: 14) Restrained 1335 days (Daniel 12) 1290 days Transgressors
Finished Rising to Power 1260 days Persecution 508 A.D. 538 Pope imprisoned (1798) 1843 1844 Time of the end

Insolent King Persecution
Every true Christian or every denomination should learn the Book of Daniel and the book of Revelation-- carefully. We all should learn about the prophecies which were written in those two books and compare with historical evidences, (a) in order to verify the fulfillment of those prophecies.. . (b) in order to verify the Anti-Christ, the Beast, 666, the little horn.

After all, Satan the Devil use both political power as well as religious power, throughout human history, to miss guide Christians, to suppress the Saints as the prophecies foretold in the Bible. The Anti-Christ will do the same thing, in the future... to persecute the saints, by using political, religious and economic power in the world.

Therefore it is virtually important that each one of us read, Learn and study those prophecies in the Bible, and learn about their fulfillment too, then only we can fully understand in identifying the true church and the Anti-Christ, the Beast, the little horn... who has number 666.... according to the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

All the scholars who have studied Church History about the persecution of the Saints (Dark Ages of 1260 years, of the period between 538 AD - 1798 AD, during the Papacy Supremacy ) would totally admit and agree that, it was the Roman Christians under the leadership of POPE and the right hand man, Ignatius Loyala (the head and founder of Jesuit order) and his followers, killed over 50-100 millions of Christians-- - (the Saints), as Daniel 7:25 foretold. It is the facts, and no mumbo, jumbo... just read church history and compare with the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

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